Celebrate President's Day with the ass kickingest Commander In Chief that ever lived

Okay, with not a whole lot happening other than 9-to-5ers getting the day off, President%26rsquo;s Day is a pretty damned boring American holiday. As such, I don%26rsquo;t blame you dickheads for not reading my Top 7 Fictional Presidents piecefrom a while back, because honestly, who gives a shit about in-game government officials whose only purpose is to get killed or otherwise drive a stupid story along? President Michael Wilson, however, is the most murderous exception in this country%26rsquo;s proud history.

Above: Rated M for Michael Wilson (President!)

Metal Wolf Chaos is a ridiculously awesome game for the original Xbox, and one of the few times we can recall where players actually get to play as the President of the United States. This may seem inconsequential, but we beg you to now consider that President Wilson is in a goddamned Mech Suit the whole game, ready and willing to mow down the military and his entire constituency to accomplish a single campaign promise: Kill the Vice President.

Above: Proud figurehead of the Let%26rsquo;s Party party

Unfortunately, most of you never got to experience the ultimate act of interactive Patriotism since this game never made it stateside%26hellip; which seems weird given the subject matter. Despite the game being in entirely in English, with content similar to a Fox News Executive%26rsquo;s vision while on a peyote-fueled spirit quest, Metal Wolf Chaos only got as far as a hidden demo on a disc packed in with the Holiday 2004 issue of Official Xbox Magazine.

Above: If you were president, he%26rsquo;d vote for you

Some called it %26ldquo;dumb%26rdquo; too over-the-top, yet we salute Metal Wolf Chaos as boldly ahead of its time. Peep that video up there again%26hellip; It%26rsquo;s sorta like Bulletstorm with a dash of Old Glory.

Feb 21, 2011

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