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Car crash central: Burnout 3 screenshot overload

We ran the very only last week but we've uncovered a whole new batch of in-game shots - and already we can't wait for the game's September release.

Instead of being confined to tracks in the US, as in Burnout 2, you'll now also be able to tear around Europe and the Far East, while there's a total of 50 cars to choose from. The gameplay's major change, though, is in the boost system. Now you race against five opponents, instead of the previous Burnout's three, and the reason becomes very clear when you consider that you can earn boosts by crashing into rival cars.

The moves you can pull range from Psyche Out, the menacing ghosting of your opponent, to the spectacular wiping out of the other guy, known as Takedown (take a look at the screens and you'll notice that they're full of them).

When you pull off stunts, your own boost is increased at the expense of your opponent's while, if you manage a Takedown, you'll receive a full boost as a reward. Naturally, opposing cars can do likewise and, probably for this reason, you can now use your boosts at any time without waiting for a full bar. Finally, a new points (earned by pulling stunts) system allows you to unlock various bonus game elements in the Milestone Rewards. Expect a full preview of the game in the not too distant future.

Burnout 3 will be released on PS2 and Xbox in September