Cannon Fodder takes to the field

Tuesday 29 August 2006
Here's one to sort the men from the boys - or the older geeks from the younger ones - as another '90s classic is set to join Lemmings on PSP. Unlike Lemmings, though, the grisly-but-cheery Cannon Fodder isn't just being bumped into 3D, but receiving new types of weapons and tactics, too.

Whether that's a good or bad thing is another matter, as the ruthlessly simple mechanics of the original - running, shooting and lobbing an occasional grenade through increasingly impossible odds - were part of its charm. We're also a little unimpressed with the new game's polygonised looks, which look a little sparse and don't seem to have captured the character of the original's pixels. Hit the images tab above for more evidence.

Above: The setting's more topical, but the action seems a little lacking

Still, with multiplayer modes on offer and time enough to clean up the visuals, we'll give the new game the benefit of the doubt. Let's hope that Cannon Fodder's unforgettable opening reggae number about war never being so much fun didn't also predict that war would never be so much fun again.