Call of Duty WW2 confirms you won't play as Axis in single player

After Call of Duty WW2 featured what looked like a German officer prominently in some concept art, there were questions about a playable Axis character in single player. 

Obviously, there will be Axis characters in multiplayer but for a while developer Sledgehammer seemed to be skirting around the single player side of things. Even in the recent Making of Call of Duty WW2 livestream, creative director Bret Robbins dodged the issue - when asked if you could play as Axis in the story he replied "I can't really talk about it directly. Let's leave that one to mystery." 

Which is... interesting, and almost sounds like something could have been brewing. But now we have this from Sledgehammer's Michael Condrey: 

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That's pretty final then. Which seems odd after all that trying not to answer the question in the first place. 

Creative director Bret Robbins also offered up a helpful 'no comment' when asked about health regeneration, which suggests we might be getting something different this year in that respect. Condrey also tweeted out this about sprinting in the game: 

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Okay then - no playable Axis campaign, no forever sprinting and (maybe) no regenerating health this game. If you want to find out more, then here's everything we know about Call of Duty WW2. Plus we've also a big interview with Sledgehammer's Michael Condrey discussing Call of Duty WW2 in depth

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