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Call of Duty developer says current-gen to last until 2010/2011

Nov 6, 2007

Infinity Ward president Grant Collier has opined that the next console generation wave will hit in around three to four years' time.

Describing the developer's Call of Duty 4 as the first game in the second wave of next-gen titles, Collier toldNext Generation,"When the games first started coming out I remember thinking, 'oh my gosh, they look so realistic, they can't possibly get more lifelike than this..."

"...but then if you look at the games coming out now the photorealistic quality of them is so much higher that I'm kind of amazed."

"I definitely think we have another three or four years left in this cycle, with people making games for the next-gen platforms."

This comes after Nintendo boss Sotoru Iwata declared the typical four-year life cycle for games hardware as "too inflexible" for the Japanese giant - Nintendo won't make a new console until it's needed.

Collier additionally noted that Infinity Ward hasn't experienced any issues developing for PS3, something he puts down to the studio's "development philosophy".

Courtesy of CVG