Call of Duty: Black Ops - behind the scenes at this week's multiplayer reveal

As dedicated members of the gaming press, we often attend promotional events sponsored by game publishers. These events generally include the following:

  • attractive women who bring you tiny hamburgers
  • booze
  • extra large t-shirts
  • the opportunity to talk to people who are working on a game
  • the opportunity to play selected parts of a game

One such event occurred this very week, and predictably included all of the above. See for yourself:

Above: SR-71: The MILF of spy planes

Above: The official welcoming committee

Above: When they saw three GamesRadar editors coming, they called for reinforcements

Above: Charlie and Nate getting to know each other

Above: The bouncer, bouncing some poor sap not on The List

Above: I can’t let you do that, Dave

Above: A few people showed up

Above: Male bonding

Above: Multiplayer so good, it’ll make you breakdance

Above: Unlocking the B-boy killstreak

Above: Liberal application of booze guaranteed to improve your gaming experience (not a guarantee)

Above: Moments later, Martin Sheen rose slowly out of the water

Sep 3, 2010