Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies 6 reasons why it may be the best Zombies mode yet

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Treyarch has been boasting that there are actually three games in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2-- single-player, multiplayer, and Zombies. Though the developer has discussed the first two games in detail, the third leg of the Blops 2 tripod has been kept under wraps--at least, until now. Along with the worldwide reveal trailer of the new Zombies mode, weve gotten details on what we can expect from the robust co-op mode, and its looking like itll be the best undead slaying mode yet. Want to know why? Have a look

There's an open world full of the undead

Tranzit is the brand new open world in Black Ops 2 Zombies. A post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world is free for you to explore, and its full of secrets for you to wander off and discover. Up to four players can join together and literally walk from one point of interest to another. Zombies has also stepped out of the Cold War and WWII eras and will have players encountering buildings, locations, and enemies youd expect to see in a modern-era zombie apocalypse.

Youll hunker down and fend off undead waves in gas stations, diners, farmhouses, and bus stations. You wont see undead Nazi soldiers stumbling around anymore--most undead look like once-normal (now infected) citizens wearing hospital gowns and civilian clothing, but Treyarch has also said we can expect new special zombie types as well. Having an open world means, if you end up being overrun by the zombie horde, youll have a way out. You can run, on-foot, to a safer location, or take a more efficient mode of transportation

There's a bus!

Need a lift to the diner down the road? Just hop on the bus in Tranzit mode and itll drop you off at key locations around the map. But riding the bus isnt a guarantee that youll make it to your destination in one piece; it could actually end up being the more dangerous choice between walking and driving. Zombies can jump onto and attack your bus, ripping off boarded-up windows to get to the juicy, gun-toting flesh bags inside. Youll be closed in tight, with nowhere to run if a zed breaks through your defenses. Defending this moving zombie beacon seems like it could be a massive undertaking, and a thrilling one at that.

Youll search for and piece together world expanding items

Weve mentioned before that in Tranzit, youll be able to go off the beaten path and discover secrets hidden around the world. Treyarch has told us that some of those secrets will be Easter eggs that pertain to the Zombies lore, but players will also be able to come across buildable items. Spread across the Tranzit world are pieces of items that can be put together and used to open new areas. The developers havent gone into too much detail on what these pieces and tools are, but they seem like theyll be the primary motivation for venturing off into the frightening world on-foot.

Youll be able to compete against humans

The third mode in Zombies is an eight-player mode called Grief. It pits one team of players against another group of humans, all of whom are desperately trying to survive against the zombies. Both teams will not be able to directly attack the opposing team, but they will be able to affect the survivability of their human opponents.

Redirecting undead hordes or possibly disabling the defenses of the opposition will be the path toward victory. The details on exactly how Grief will work are still scarce at the moment, but well fill you in as soon as we get the official word.

You can still play the same old Zombies you love

Even though the developers have made a lot of changes to Zombies, those whove been enjoying the round-based survival mode need not worry: Survival will be returning. Youll be able to band together with three other co-op zombie slayers, as you try to hold off wave after wave of undead attackers.

All of the traditional elements will be there. Youll have to barricade windows and doors, seek out the mystery box for a chance to get a new weapon, grab perks from vending machines, and upgrade your weapons in the Pack-a-Punch weapon transformer. Its all there, just as youd expect from Survival. But this time, youll be facing the shambling corpses in post-apocalyptic sectioned-off portions of the Tranzit world map.

Survival mode has gotten some upgrades...

Just because everything has been revamped and expanded, doesnt mean the old zombie mode hasnt received some love and attention. For example, when you and your co-op buddies die, you wont have to start all the way back at round one. You can choose which round you want to start on--being rounds five, ten, fifteen, and twenty--and receive cash values relative to the starting round, so youll be able to purchase the necessary upgrades to survive.

Zombies has also been integrated into the multiplayer engine, meaning that youll enjoy the same matchmaking, leaderboards, and stat-tracking features you get on the competitive side of Black Ops 2.

...and customization options

If, for whatever masochistic reason, you want to make Zombies more difficult, you can activate the Headshots only challenge, or turn off the magic items, which include the mystery box, perks, and Pack-a-Punch machines. It all goes a long way towards upping the flesh-eating ante.

Treyarch wasnt able to go into more specific detail with the customization options, but were definitely looking forward to how in-depth we can go into adjusting our zombie-blasting excursions.

What do you think?

There you have it. The first details on the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies mode have been revealed. What do you think of the new changes? What modes are you most excited to play? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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