Cadence of Hyrule tips: 7 pieces of advice to help you beat Ganon and Octavo with Link, Zelda, and Cadence

cadence of hyrule tips

You're going to need these Cadence of Hyrule tips if you're jumping into the brand new Crypt of the Necrodancer meets Legend of Zelda mashup. It's an unforgiving world out there, whether you're playing as Link, Zelda, or Cadence, and our Cadence of Hyrule tips will have you dancing your way through the enemies in no time. Read on for our seven top Cadence of Hyrule tips.

Not sure who to start with? We've got a Cadence of Hyrule Link or Zelda guide, or we can help you get through the Cadence of Hyrule Lost Woods. There's also the Cadence of Hyrule Flippers to find, and we've got all the information on how long is Cadence of Hyrule?

1. Flags indicate you're near a temple

Cadence of Hyrule flags

The Cadence of Hyrule story essentially has Link, Zelda, and Cadence searching for Octavo's four magic instruments to defeat Ganon. This is done by beating four bosses, found in temples throughout the Hyrule map. The temples aren't especially easy to find though, so keep an eye out for flags because they indicate when you're in the right area.

2. Spend your diamonds whenever you can

Cadence of Hyrule diamonds

Diamonds work in the same way as Crypt of the Necrodancer; they help you unlock upgrades after you die, but this time you can also spend them on consumables. We'd recommend spending them lavishly, because you obtain more diamonds incredibly quickly and if you do start running out (you shouldn't, I'm on 100+ after only an hour or two), they're super easy to farm.

3. Stone balls will damage enemies and block projectiles

Cadence of Hyrule stone ball

Along with the movable blocks you can push to climb ledges, there's a number of stone balls you can nudge and send them sailing off into the distance until they collide with something else. Use these when there's enemies approaching you, because when they hit an enemy, they deal damage, and they block any projectiles coming for you. If you gradually push it and walk behind, it's like having a huge, indestructible shield.

4. Buy a bottle as soon as possible

Cadence of Hyrule bottle

I made the mistake of not buying the empty bottle when I first came across it, which meant I could never fill it with either health or stamina potions. It may be expensive if you come across it early on, but it's worth buying ready for whenever you find the woman selling the potions out of two huge cauldrons.

5. Blue butterflies are hiding secrets

Cadence of Hyrule butterfly

Whether it's a bush, pile of bones, or a pot, if you see something breakable with a blue butterfly on, it means there's a hidden staircase underneath with enemies to slay and rewards to earn. They're not always easy to spot, so keep an eye out for them and destroy the terrain with your sword to gain access.

6. Use your bombs frequently

Cadence of Hyrule bombs

There's two types of bombs: standard bombs and "bombchus". The bombchus essentially move forward for a few spaces before exploding, but both are super easy to find in the world so, like diamonds, use them whenever you need to and don't worry about saving them for a more important fight.

7. The Fortune Teller will tell you where to go next

Cadence of Hyrule Fortune Teller

Getting the Fortune Teller to read your future costs 20 Rupees, but it's worth it if you're stuck. She'll tell you exactly where to go next and even mark it on the map with an exclamation point. Isn't that kind of her?


Cadence of Hyrule chickens

When you see a chicken in a video game, everyone always tries to kill it to see what happens. That's a big mistake in Cadence of Hyrule. When you kill a chicken, or Cucco to give them their proper Zelda name, loads of them start flying in from every side of the screen kamikaze style, and you'll hardly be able to move for all the cluck-cluck-clucking. Seriously, chickens are just deadly here as they've ever been. The music: it does nothing. 

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