Buzz Uncut: South Park

Episode 10.2 Smug Alert
When Kyle’s pops Gerald starts parading his fancy new hybrid car around town, fellow South Parkers start complaining about how preachy he’s become – even digging that old environmentalist dig about greenies smelling of farts. So where do environuts go? San Francisco of course. Cue a George Clooney smug cloud entering Arizona. You gotta watch it to understand.

Episode 9.8 Two Days Before The Day After Tomorrow
An obvious pop culture reference this one, and an episode riffing on global warming and all that Katrina stuff. Basically Stan and Cartman accidentally crash a boat into a dam, flooding the town of Beaverton… Hiding their involvement, the daft townfolk blame global warming, due to hit two days before the day after tomorrow… Dum dum dum!!!

Episode 5:10 How To Eat With Your Butt
All about people with arses for faces, natch – this classic episode starts with Kenny standing on his head so his arse is in the place of his face, continues with a photo of said stunt ending up in a missing children’s campaign, hits its stride when a couple with arses for faces claim he is their missing sprog and ends with the reveal that their actual kid is Ben Affleck. With it? No? Best watch then…

Episode 3:7 Cat Orgy
Crammed full of references, from Cartman’s Wild Wild West costume to the continuous piss-take of Newt off Aliens’ “They mostly come at night, mostly…” line while a litter load of moggies have it off with each other in the fatso’s living room.

Episode 2:18 Prehistoric Ice Man
Inspired by Steve Irwin (RIP), the boys go hunting for crocodiles themselves, only to discover Eddie Bauer, a man frozen since… 1996! All of 32 months ago! How to reacclimatise him? Stick him in a room of stuff from 1996, crammed full of Fargo and Independence Day posters…