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Bunhouse is an adorable animal sim partnering with a bunny charity

(Image credit: Reky Studios)

Bunhouse is an adorable co-op animal management sim, and it's partnering with a charity to raise awareness about bunnies.

Just below, you can check out the trailer for the incredibly chill-looking Bunhouse, a game where you and up to three other players control "buns" and get to work managing your own greenhouse. 

The game's Kickstarter page (opens in new tab) shows that the project has shot through the fundraising goal, earning nearly 150% of its goal with 19 days still left to go.

Crucially though, Bunhouse is partnering with the West Michigan Critter Haven (opens in new tab), a charity that's dedicated to supporting rabbits and other small animals in West Michigan. "In addition to giving a portion of the Bunhouse profits to their cause, Bunhouse will also include short, educational tips about rabbit care at the start screen," the game's sole developer, Patrick Gauthier, writes on its Kickstarter page. 

"Unfortunately, many rabbit-owners are unaware of the attention that Rabbits need and are ignorant to their care," the page continues. "I am embarrassed to admit that I used to be in this boat as well, so I'm trying to do my part for all those cute bunnies out there that need our help! It's never too late to learn. The specific chapter I am partnering with is the one closest to me - the West Michigan Critter Haven. Perhaps you'll consider fostering a rabbit through your local chapter!"

On your own or with bunny companions, you'll be tasked with planting small, medium, or large plants, and then nurturing them until their fully grown. You can also upgrade the greenhouse itself, with one example being the ability to install a painting station to spruce the place up a little bit.

Right now, Bunhouse doesn't have a predicted release date, and it's only set to arrive on PC. Audience demand can change that though. If Bunhouse receives more than $30,000 in backer funds on Kickstarter, developer Reky Studios will bring the game to the Nintendo Switch. With 19 days to go and nearly $13,000 raised, there's a clear appetite for Bunhouse.

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Hirun Cryer
Hirun Cryer

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