Bungie talks mysterious X button

Bungie's latest weekly update has acknowledged the fact that we're all clamoring for info over thenewly reconfiguredX button functionin Halo 3, with the elusive developer playing true to form and teasing gamers with a tongue-in-cheek hint. Meanwhile there's also news on the game's release, with Bungie revealing a new wallpaper image promising a Fall 2007 launch - that's autumn, fact fans.

While figuratively nudge-nudging you in the ribs andmaking a crafty wink, Bungie explains that the X button will trigger an effect which registers on the cool scale "somewhere between 'crouch' and 'activate Fantanas on speed-dial.'" FYI: The Fantanas are a four-strong gang of bikini girls who advertise Fanta, the soda. And you thought Bungie would be vague about it all...

Of course we're all just waiting until Bungie gets bored of jokes and just confirms that the X button will launch the neat shield grenade revealed in last December'sTV ad. Unfortunately, Bungie loves nothing more than clowning around with its fans, so don't expect clear-cut info on the new controls for a good while yet.

February 20, 2007

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