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Bungie made Destinys Taken King raid in reverse & has a secret twist coming

Finally, Destiny: The Taken King is upon us. New content! New story! Even a new Ghost! It's Bungie's biggest and most ambitious expansion yet, with the update's centrepiece - the King's Fall raid, featuring new big bad Oryx - being set for release a few days later for regular Destiny players.

In the latest issue of Edge, creative director Luke Smith explains the King's Fall raid has posed one of the studio's biggest tasks (most notably the battle he had with marketing, who wanted to reveal the raid early)."You have to raise the bar. The raid team always has the challenge of having to push itself a little further because expectations continue to go up, you know?" he explains. "It’s our biggest raid to date – in terms of encounters, of spaces, of the conclusion. It is our most epic finale."

The latest issue of Edge, with Destiny: The Taken King on the cover, is out now. Download it here or subscribe (opens in new tab) to future issues.

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