Bungie answers trailer questions

Frank O'Connor, web content manager for Halo 3 developer Bungie, has been answering questions regarding the new Halo 3 trailer and has indicated that the shield grenade seen in the promo is likely to be seen in the final game.

When asked if the shield grenade is a game element, O'Connor - or Frankie as he is known online - replied "nothing in the trailer was placed there by the agency - that is to say, every object and action was put in there with Bungie's consent, which you have to assume we wouldn't do without good reason, right?" So there you go, clear as mud.

O'Connor fielded further questions from xboxic.com but gave quite vague answers. What can be taken from the quick chat, though, is that the trailer is set on Earth, close to the events of the E3 trailer, and that the group of Covenant troops Master Chief dives into at the end are made up of Wraiths and Brutes.

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, click on the Movies tab, launch thevideo player and hit "Halo 3 - Monday Night Football TV Spot 12-05-06" now and start watching.

December 7, 2006