Bungie already working on Destiny's next adventure for after Taken King

Destiny doesn’t end with The Taken King this September. Hardly a shock, I know. However, what may surprise you is that Bungie already has a team working on content that will hit after The Taken King.

Speaking exclusively to GamesRadar+, Engineering Lead Luke Timmins says: “Right now, if you were to break a window and sneak into Bungie, you would see the Live team – the vast majority of the team is working on The Taken King – and then you would see another, smaller group that is already starting to think about the next adventure.” We are currently tossing a brick through Bungie’s office window as you read this to confirm the validity of the quote.

Bungie and Activision have repeatedly stated that Destiny is a ten-year project, and that the game will continually evolve during this console generation. It’s already hugely different to the Destiny that first launched back in September 2014, and will change again when The Taken King adds new areas, a fresh enemy faction, and all the usual Strikes, Raids, and gear.

With so much new content incoming, it’s unlikely that we’ll see a full sequel to Destiny until at least late 2016. What you can expect is more slices of DLC - of varying sizes - being served up throughout the next year. So, it’s likely the splinter team at Bungie is simply working on more DLC.

You can read our entire interview with Luke Timmins in the GamesRadar+ Presents... Destiny book. And stay tuned for more stories throughout the week.

Andy Hartup