Bully: Scholarship Edition - hands-on

Bully was released near the tail end of the PS2's prime, so maybe you didn't have a chance to play the game back in 2006 - like, if you sent your PS2 off to Antarctica on a ceremonial burning raft on PS3 launch day. Whether you played or not,the game was great, and after messing around with the 360 and Wii versions (calledBully: Scholarship Edition) due out March 4, we're happy to say will be as good as the original and maybe even better with the new content.

There are four new classes, eight new missions, new unlockable clothing and items and a new vs. mode. The graphics have been given a serious update for the Wii and the 360 (imagine going through puberty in a week and emerging as a hot 20-year-old). Some details were sacrificed to stick with the slightly cartoony themed art direction, but it looks crisp, shiny and like a proper update of the PS2 version. 360 owners will also be happy to hear that a full set of Achievements have been added to the game, and both versions now have sets of single-system multiplayer minigames.

Above: This screen is from the 360 version

We played four of the different head-to-head modes based on the single-player classes. Math class is similar to Brain Age, and in vs. mode, you've got to zap the answer to the math question before your partner does. In Music class you bop the controllers to a rhythm that scrolled down the screen. Geography is matching flags with countries and Biology class has you tracing around rat organs and removing them one at a time. We got points for precision but ended up running out of time just before we pulled out the rat guts for the win. On their own, these minigames aren't worth much, but we can honestly say they were great fun.

Above: This screen is from the Wii version