Bullet Witch - first impressions

While we're finding things to nitpick, those AI teammates seem to be mere window-dressing. You can't issue commands and they're not particularly helpful. The targeting reticule seems slightly imprecise, and you can't hotkey the spells. You have to scroll through as many as two or three menus in the midst of combat to select something helpful - not very cool when you're standing in an open field, being gunned down by multiple snipers who have frustrating one-hit kills.

Many of these concerns could be fixed by a little tuning, but because the game's already out in Japan, it's doubtful many will be addressed before US landfall. Right now, publisher Atari's more concerned with localization than polishing the game mechanics, but it could still happen. You can also expect downloadable content in the form of tweaked single-player maps and additional outfits, like a school girl uniform if you're so inclined.

Despite its current shortcomings, Bullet Witch's style could easily take it from average third-person shooter to ambitious sleeper hit. We'll see when it's shipped in February, hopefully in time for Valentine's Day. Your significant other likes impaled zombies and sprays of blood, right?