Brothers review

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the just-do-it attitude to film-making – that’s how the likes of Brit talent Shane Meadows launched their careers. So fair play to Martin Dunkerton, who was so enthusiastic about getting his lads-on-holiday film made that he raised the money himself. Only problem is, no amount of positive attitude and financial initiative can compensate for a terrible script, an ill-conceived plot and the kind of acting you’d sack a Neighbours extra for.

Brothers is a truly dire movie, from the lazy, dated dance soundtrack, to the sub-Mills & Boon central romance, to the head-up-arse spiritual pretensions to the lack of a single vaguely likeable character in the entire cast.

Even worse, its outright, offensive risibility actually becomes depressing when you think about the effort that went into it. The sad fact is, this ‘holiday movie’ is about as enjoyable as a dose of dysentery.

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