Brosnan heads back to the spy game

As Daniel Craig spent last Tuesday night dicky bow-deep in glitz at the Casino Royale premiere, former 007 Pierce Brosnan was nipping to the shops in Malibu. Still, if anyone has the chops to look suave while popping out for frozen yoghurt and a pint of skimmed, it’s the Bros.

Not that he misses his old gig. Pierce has just signed to star in Stu vs Spy, a comedy from scribblers Keith Mitchell and Allie Dvorin. The tale revolves around a fella who takes his missus away to a paradise island in order to finally propose. It just so happens that a slick spy is vacationing just down the beach and begins to put the moves on our bumbling hero's girl.

Pierce as a bumbling, commitment-shy fella, about to propose to… Eh? What’s that? Pierce is playing the spy! Sheesh. We didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Brosnan will also produce through his company, Irish Dreamtime.

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