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Brighten up your gaming sessions with Newegg's Samsung QN75Q6FN QLED TV at $1,649

(Image credit: Samsung)

Ah, summer time. Sipping on lemonade, hanging out by the pool, and racking up kills in your favorite shooter. The only thing that can make it better is an awesome TV to do it all on. 

Newegg's Samsung Q6FN QLED TV is $1,649, down from the suggested retail price of $3,499. That's $1,820 off the regular price, for a steep discount. Keep in mind that to see the price, you'll have to enter your email address instead of adding the TV to your cart. 

Knocking nearly $2000 off a TV this size and quality is a move you won't want to miss out on making, that's for sure. Plus, that means you can go spend what you saved on something else – a new console to go with it, perhaps?

Curiously, it appears that this particular model is on sale for the same price for a brand new TV as the used model. It's a great deal – you get a backlit QLED 4K TV at 75 inches, so anything you decide to do on that bad boy is larger than life. 

Previously, TechRadar checked out the 65-inch model of the Q6FN, and came away impressed by its new software and interface features, its intriguing Ambient mode capabilities, and QLED "at an economy price." 


Samsung QN75Q6FN QLED TV | $1,649 (save $1,820)
This 75-inch behemoth is bright with colors that pop and a price you absolutely can't argue with, especially given that it's so feature-rich. 

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