Brain Age 2 - Hands-on

Talk about your deceptive advertising: we've been thinking that publisher Nintendo's upcoming IQ sharpener Brain Age 2 was going to make our skull-dwelling thinksponge sharper and more agile, like its math-and-logic-filled predecessor did. But Nintendo biggy-wig Reggie Fils-Aime just told us that the game's take on the classic three-sided power stuggle, Rock, Paper, Scissors, "will melt your brain." Melt our brains? Is that really a good thing?

Of course, it totally is. Having our gray matter burned into goop by Brain Age 2 seemed, at least during our time with it, to be a wonderful way to go. It was just an unusual turn of a phrase, given that this collection is all about turning your mind into a cranial, thought-pedaling version of Lance Armstrong.

What's that? You want to know how Rock, Paper, Scissors can possibly be anything other than blind luck? Simple: in Brain Age 2's version, you sometimes (but not always) need to choose the weapon that will lose instead of win. Thus, the random strategy becomes a split-second reaction that you can hone to a knife point.