Bowser and Donkey Kong will be moonlighting as Skylanders in Skylanders Superchargers

The days of Nintendo putting their creations in the corner and only letting them out under carefully controlled circumstances are on the way out - the new Nintendo theme park and amiibo are proof enough of that. But we never would have guessed the Big N would take it this far: Donkey Kong and Bowser will be appearing in the new Skylanders Supercharger toy line, and will be playable as both Skylanders and amiibo on Nintendo products. Er, what?

In what is probably the most unpredictable move the company's made since announcing their new commitment to mobile (it's been doing a lot of unpredictable things lately), these two Nintendo icons will appear as Turbocharged Donkey Kong and Hammer Slam Bowser. Both will come with their own vehicles and be able to use powers in Superchargers inspired by their best known Nintendo abilities. Donkey Kong, for instance, will wear barrels as boxing gloves and use them to beat down his enemies, and Bowser will (shockingly) slam things with a giant hammer and turn into a fire-breathing shell full of magma.

In terms of functionality, you'll be able to put these figures into Skylanders or amiibo mode simply by twisting the base. Obviously they'll work as Skylanders in Superchargers, but it's not yet known what Nintendo games they'll work for or what functionality they'll have. We also aren't sure when they'll release, but we can probably expect to find out more before Superchargers releases for the Wii U in September of this year.

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Ashley Reed

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