Borderlands 3 blasts its way into this month's Official Xbox Magazine

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It’s been 10 years since Borderlands first exploded onto our Xboxes, and now with the latest instalment Gearbox are promising more, bigger and better – including way, way more guns. The number of procedurally generated weapon combo possibilities in Borderlands 3 is an eye-watering one billion guns. The action this time moves from Pandora out into the wider galaxy, with different planets to visit via a spaceship ‘hub’, while the series’ trademark humour and bright visual style is very much still in evidence. Read our in-depth hands-on gameplay preview, along with insights from Gearbox’s development team, in the latest OXM.

In homage to Borderlands, we have a frankly extravagant 11 awesome free gifts for everyone who buys the magazine, including posters and Mortal Kombat 11 tips cards. Here's a breakdown of what else we've got in the new issue of OXM, including the one-year birthday of Sea of Thieves - where we talk to Rare Studios boss Craig Duncan about the state of the game, the next year of great content and more. 

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