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Borderlands 3's Siren Amara is ready to fight everyone in her new character trailer

The new Borderlands 3 character trailer highlights Amara the Siren, one of six Sirens in the Borderlands universe and a powerful fighter who enjoys her time in the spotlight as "hero to the people." The trailer, aptly titled "Looking for a Fight," opens with Amara interrupting two bad guys beating up someone in an alley. "I'm always looking for a fight," Amara says in the voiceover. "A fight for justice. A fight for what's right." As she finishes that sentence, the two bad guys notice her and sprint away. "But at this point," she says, "I'll settle for anyone who doesn't run."

It seems Amara's reputation as a skilled Siren and lover of street brawling precedes her, as the rest of the trailer shows bad guys running in her wake. Voice actor Zehra Fazal does a great job of showcasing Amara's love of the spotlight and her frustration with her inability to find a good fight. "A tiger needs to hunt," Amara reminds us as she walks a red carpet. 

We then get a new look at her unique Siren abilities in action, which start with her summoning six ethereal arms and summoning a fist from the ground that can lock the enemy in place (Phasegrasp) and ends with her astral projecting to beat up a bunch of Psychos (in that instance, the fight found her).

Amara looks pretty badass, with great character design, awesome voice acting, and a bunch of new Siren skills we've never seen before. The swagger alone makes her a great option for a Borderlands 3 playthrough.

Borderlands 3 will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 13. 

Did the Amara trailer help you decide who you'll play as when Borderlands 3 drops? Check out our Borderlands 3 Amara skill tree for all the details on her abilities. 

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