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Bonuses detailed for GTA 5's Special and Collector's editions

GTA 5 has gone gold. Rockstar Games announced on its Newswire that the long-awaited open-world game is headed to physical media as we speak, and (conveniently) offered some more details about the benefits of its $80 Special Edition and $150 Collector's Edition.

GTA Online lets players derive their own custom characters from two selectable parents of various looks and ethnicities, with a slider to determine whether they're the spitting image of one in particular or an amalgam of both. Shell out for GTA 5's collector's edition, and you can add GTA IV's Niko Bellic and GTA III's Claude and Misty (you remember, the prostitute you drive to Joey Leone's garage) to the parental options.

Spending some extra cash in real-life will save you some of GTA 5's fake cash--both premium editions give shoppers a 20 percent discount at tattoo parlors, clothes stores, and more in single-player. Check out our previous article to learn more about the premium world of extra weapons, vehicles, ability boosts, and more.

GTA 5 will release on Sept. 17, with its multiplayer modes set to kick off on October 1

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