Bond Month: On set with Quantum Of Solace

The pressure is on. When we tell him that Craig has already told Total Film he’s looking forward to viewing Forster’s cut in time to put in his input in, the director’s mouth tightens and his cheeks twitch.

“I said I will show it to him before I do the preview,” he nods, “but I haven’t ever got notes from an actor. So I will show him the movie and hopefully he likes it and if he doesn’t, it is what it is.”

Forster’s already decided he won’t be returning for Craig’s third stint as the tuxedoed assassin, much to Broccoli and Wilson’s chagrin.

“I said to the studio, ‘The only problem with Marc Forster is who’s going to follow him?’” says Broccoli. “That’s the real challenge because he’s been impeccable – an extremely cooperative, wonderful director of great vision. He’s remarkable – a very, very tough act to follow.”

And having so strongly resisted the early advances, is Forster glad that he finally sought Solace? “If the movie’s successful, it will be great to celebrate it. If it’s not, it will be a hard burden to carry because so many fans will be disappointed.

“You want the fans to continue the celebration of Casino Royale. It’s something I didn’t really process while I was doing it, but now suddenly that comes closer and I just hope that all those expectations will be fulfilled.”

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