Bond By Numbers

1 - number of legs cameraman John Jordan had chopped off by a helicopter's rotors while filming You Only Live Twice.

3 - the number of different 007 movies Bond girl Maud Adams has appeared in (The Man With The Golden Gun, Octopussy, A View To A Kill).

30 - the age George Lazenby was when he played Bond, the youngest 007 to date.

144 - the length of Casino Royale in minutes, the longest Bond film.

88 - the number of parachute jumps it took to produce the 2 minutes of skydiving footage in Moonraker.

189 - Sean Connery's height in centimetres (the tallest of the Bonds).

7 - the number of full rolls the Aston Martin makes when it crashes in Casino Royale, a world record.

59,000 - the size in square feet of the 007 stage at Pinewood, at one time the largest soundstage in Europe.

241 - the number of confirmed kills by 007.

51 - the number of women Bond has sex with over the 21 films.

17 - the number of times Desmond Llewelyn appeared as Q, Major Boothroyd of Q division, beating Lois Maxwell's 14 appearances as Miss Moneypenny as the actor in the most Bonds.

35,000 - the amount in pounds sterling that Ursula Andress' white bikini went for at auction in Sotherby's in 2001.

36104 - the combination to Fort Knox (according to Goldfinger).

110 - the distance in feet travelled by the powerboat jumping over the causeway in Live And Let Die, then a world record.

57 - the age Roger Moore was when he stopped playing 007, making him the oldest actor to date.

588 million - the most money taken worldwide at the box office by any single Bond film (Casino Royale, in case you were wondering).

3 - the number of Oscar-winning actors to have played major roles in Bond films (Christopher Walken in A View To A Kill, Halle Berry in Die Another Day, Judi Dench as M).

5 - number of movies directed by John Glenn, beating Terence Young (3), Guy Hamilton (4), Lewis Gilbert (3) and Martin Campbell (2).

722 - the height in feet of the bungee jump at the start of Goldeneye.

15 - the number of BMW 750s destroyed while making Tomorrow Never Dies.

120 - the sum in dollars that Die Another Day earned in merchandising from the likes of Aston Martin, Omega watches, Sony Ericsson phones, Bollinger champagne...

2 - number of Oscars won by James bond films (best sound effects for Goldfinger, special visual effects for Thunderball).

700 - the amount in tonnes of steel needed to build the $1 million volcano set for You Only Live Twice.

4.44 billion - the total amount in dollars earned worldwide by the films in the Bond franchise. Only the Harry potter films have taken more money.

3 - the number of Bond themes sung by Shirley Bassey (Goldfinger, Thunderball and Diamonds Are Forever).