Bomberman Live - Xbox Live Arcade

Soon you’ll be dressed in a neon-pink tutu with neon-pink makeup tinting your cheeks, and your teeth clamping on a beefy cigar, and your hook-hands ready to lob napalm at cowboys, gladiators, and homies dressed in bee costumes.

There are 10,000 outfit combinations in this 2007 Bomberman, so when you prowl Xbox Live you can be your darkest angel of death or brightest anime dream. A full eight genuine humans can nuke each other by utilizing their internets, while four analog-minded persons may choose to squat in front of the glowing screen with the option of inserting four more expertly-controlled computer men.

Whichever your fashion, the explosion-slaughter is thoroughly hectic. As you scuttle through the arena, detonating the little walls that temporarily barricade the path to your deranged targets, there are a plethora of icons you can eat to give you powers. Your veins will throb progressively harder as your speed increases incrementally, your grenades will erupt fire, and your atom-bombs will decimate an entire column of the game-world.

Yet you will encounter toxicities that will make you slow, like you just spent a week-long smoking holiday in Amsterdam. Or maybe the poison will munch a hole in your bomb-filled backpack, making you drop the explosives constantly with no self-control and a sudden passion for suicide.