This body swapping Witcher 3 brothel glitch is pure nightmare fuel

Why yes, it is a slow news day right before Christmas Eve. How are you? Anyway, no idea what's going on here apart from the obvious: YouTuber Dirk1nator ! (opens in new tab) took The Witcher 3 (opens in new tab)'s Ciri to a brothel during one of her flashback missions and the game freaked the fuck out. First it swapped in Geralt for Ciri, then it gave Ciri Geralt's body like a badly fitting gorilla suit and then it just sort of gave up, with floating headless torsos, Ciri and Geralt apparently tag-teaming the arrangement, and this bizarre moment:

The game's trying so hard to make it work I almost feel sorry for it. Geralt. Brothels... but Ciri... GERALT [Sparks]. You can see the whole horrifying affair below. NSFW obvs. Probably not safe for anything really.

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Leon Hurley
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