Body Shots review

For those who couldn't handle the overbearing cynicism of Neil LaBute's In The Company Of Men, but who found Doug Liman's Swingers a bit too lightweight in the relationship department, Body Shots presents a perfect middle ground. Like Liman's films, there's lots of LA nightlife and good-looking people, but like LaBute's movies, there's a dark side to all this reckless hedonism.

Set in late-'90s LA, it involves the practice of "hooking up", where groups of men meet groups of women. They flirt a lot, they drink a lot and they see what happens. But while they claim that "sports sex" is emotionally easier than relationships, the fallout from a single night threatens to change their lives forever.

Body Shots succeeds by separating the funny from the shocking, and switching between them without awkwardness. It also, thankfully, never attempts to preach. Sleepless In Seattle fans will be appalled that something so emotionless and negative can be so funny.

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