Blue Dragon fired up footage

Apart from staggering under the hefty title of the "game that is going to save 360 in Japan," Blue Dragon is also a rather stunning-looking RPG, as this clip of the combat system in action demonstrates.

Created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, themind behind the first editions of the Final Fantasy series, the game harnesses the same traditional elements of orthodox turn-based encounters, random battle and wailing guitar solos, while also adding next-gen graphics and spectacular effects. Sounds good, doesn't it?

And you can see it all for yourself via the Movies tab above, where a click will reveal the game's all-powerful Shadow Change creatures. These blue behemoths provide the muscle for your party of child warriors developing into specialist Sword, Assassin and Power varieties and leveling up as your heroes do.

Enjoy this footage while you can because, while Blue Dragon is released with a Wii-spoiling December 7th date in Japan, it looks like we will have to wait quite some time to see a converted and translated version over here.

October 30, 2006