Bloody Hell Hotel is a lot like Stardew Valley, except you eat people

Bloody Hell Hotel
(Image credit: Unfold Games)

Bloody Hell Hotel is an upcoming life sim that sees players renovating a hotel and sucking the blood of its guests. 

Initially revealed by IGN, Bloody Hell Hotel is an upcoming game from Darq developer Unfold Games. The game is a mix of genres taking inspiration from life sims - such as Stardew Valley and House Flipper - dungeon crawlers, first-person horror games, and Tim Burton movies. 

In the game, players will be tasked with renovating and maintaining their now dilapidated hotel, after waking up from a centuries-long coma. It isn’t all sweeping, repairing, and updating though, in order to make these improvements, you will have to farm, collect items via dungeon crawling, and earn money from the hotel’s guests. 

Of course, guests will also have other perks to our vampire protagonist, what with all the blood flowing around their bodies. To make the upkeep of the hotel that little bit easier, players are encouraged to consume the blood of their guests in order to expand the hotel by hiring more vampire staff in exchange for a few drops. The hotel will also be somewhat self-sufficient with its own crops and zombie animals for players to tend to - just like a cursed Stardew Valley. 

Bloody Hell Hotel is still probably a ways off from releasing. The game is yet to get an official release date - its Steam page literally says it will be out "when it's bloody awesome" - but if you want to keep up to date with the project, we suggest wishlisting it on Steam, the Epic Game Store, or GOG. It’s also said to be releasing on consoles in the future but it hasn’t yet been confirmed which ones. 

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