Bloodborne's launch trailer is full of ghastly echoes

I don't think anybody was expecting life in Bloodborne to be very pleasant, but this launch trailer… it's like David Lynch and Peter Jackson tied their wrists together and had a "Beat It" style knife fight. But with more viscera.

Fearsome giant foes, ghastly ghouls, distant-sounding old men talking about blood - if you're not creeped out by the end of this trailer then I feel a bit sorry for you, since that's half the fun of Bloodborne. Try to summon up a few shivers knowing that the game has gone gold, meaning all that creepiness is being pressed to discs as we speak.

Oh, and don't worry about that Japanese title, all the dialogue is in English.

The PS4 exclusive from Sony Japan Studios and From Software builds on the legacy of Dark Souls, rebuilding its notoriously punishing combat around faster reactions and shotgun-blast parries. And make no mistake - Dark Souls had some horrifying elements, but Bloodborne is a horror game.

It's scheduled for release on March 24 in North America and March 25 in Europe.

Connor Sheridan

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