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Bloodborne's most dedicated players are getting a free, unique PS4 theme

If you've managed to clear all of Bloodborne (opens in new tab)'s challenges - and I do mean all of them - you might be in luck; players with a Platinum trophy for the game (those in the UK anyway) are reportedly receiving emails from Sony that contains a code for a unique PS4 theme. It looks mighty spiffy too, if I do say so myself:

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Earning a Platinum on Bloodborne is no small feat. Heck, just completing the thing is its own endurance trial. After all, this is a punishingly difficult game full of Lovecraftian horrors where careless adventuring can get you killed very easily, sometimes undoing hours of progress. Add in the fact that to get the Platinum trophy you have to go find all the secret items, beat the optional bosses, level up your weapons, complete the Chalice Dungeons … yeesh. So congratulations, Hunters. You've earned it.

Hopefully you're ready to do it all again when Bloodborne expansion The Old Hunters (opens in new tab) hits on November 24.

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