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Bloodborne getting leaderboard system ahead of The Old Hunters

Bloodborne (opens in new tab) expansion The Old Hunters (opens in new tab) won't be the only source of new content for From Software's foray into gothic/cosmic horror. A patch scheduled (opens in new tab) to arrive ahead of the DLC's November 24 release date will add a new faction with corresponding weapon, new co-op NPCs to summon, and a leaderboard system.

Finally, you'll be able to prove you're the best around, no Great One's ever gonna bring you down.

In keeping with Bloodborne's "figure it out for yourself" designs, there aren't many details regarding how the leaderboard system or the new NPCs will work. Presumably they're tied to the new faction known as The League, which is led by a man in constable's clothing and a bucket helmet - but who can really be sure of anything in a world filled with giant spider-aliens hanging off the sides of buildings and cultists who wish to grow eyeballs on their brains.

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