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Blizzard: Titan MMO will "eclipse" World of Warcraft

If there's any studio that can overtake Blizzard's World of Warcraft it's, well, Blizzard. This is according to the company's own COO Paul Sams who this week declared its forthcoming MMO, codenamed Titan, will be the game that finally knocks WoW off its online throne.

"I believe [it's] the most ambitious thing we've ever attempted," insisted Sams in aninterview with Gamasutra, later adding, “The thing that we hope will happen is that it will not stop World of Warcraft but we believe will eclipse it."

Sams clarified that Blizzard had no intentions of leaving WoW behind, only that the studio was secure enough in its sustainability to start transferring some of the mega-popular MMO's top talent over to Titan.

"We've spent a lot of time over the last number of years transitioning those people off [of World of Warcraft], and having great people below them that were trained up by them to run World of Warcraft. Those people have been doing it for the last couple of years without the assistance of those people that created it," he explained.

Turning back to Titan, Sams revealed theyet-to-be-officially-named projectwas already in playable form, and early indications have Blizzard excited for its future prospects, noting, “It is a total ball to play. We think that the reach of that product is greater than anything that we've done before. We're very excited about that. I believe that it's the type of game that will have a very long life, much like World of Warcraft has."

Titan isrumored to arrivein 2013.


Mar 9, 2011

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