Blizzard is developing an unannounced AAA multiplayer game with "epic, memorable worlds"

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Blizzard is working on an "unannounced AAA multiplayer" game for PC and consoles, according to a fresh batch of job listings. Language in the applications points to a game with first-person shooting, new-gen graphics, and a unique, innovative art style.

As shared by Blizzard senior artist Dan John Cox, Blizzard is looking to fill 16 vacant positions to help with development on the unannounced project. Collectively, the new job listings at Blizzard describe an ambitious game built by a small new development team.

The listing for senior 3D environment artist looks for candidates who can "concept, model, and texture highly creative environment art." The role's primary responsibilities include "combining traditional art aesthetics with next gen 3D authoring techniques to create a unique visual texturing style for environments that extend the boundaries of what's creatively possible."

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Another listing seeks an associate combat designer with "broad, extensive player experience with FPS and action games, both single-player and online." That last part seems to suggest that the game will have an offline single-player mode, but like most of the descriptions here, doesn't confirm anything. Blizzard is also looking for a level designer who can help make "epic, memorable worlds," suggesting that whatever the studio is working on will have several different maps.

Blizzard recently confirmed that Diablo 2 Resurrected would be its last remaster for a while, with senior vice president Allen Adham telling CNET that the studio has "new teams working on new games, new game types." And indeed, there are a total of 55 job listings for unannounced projects on Blizzard's career site, with some applications referencing a mobile game.

As far as announced Blizzard games go, here's everything we know about Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2.

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