Blizzard allays StarCraft II in-game ad fears

Blizzard said a big fat "NO" to mumblings that StarCraft II will feature in-game advertising.

Fears that this was planned for the sequel stemmed from comments made by Activision boss Bobby Kotick earlier this week, when he appeared to refer to the possibility of ads appearing in the game.

"[Blizzard] has been thinking about how StarCraft, because it is a short-session experience, can actually be the model for in-game advertising and sponsorship and tournament play and ladder play for the future," he said at the Morgan Stanley Technology conference.

However, it seems Kotick was talking about Blizzard's long-running online gaming platform

"We have no plans to have in-game advertising in StarCraft II. We believe Bobby was actually referring to, which has always included ads," the developer said in response. Phewee.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 7, 2008