Black & White 2 info burst

The sequel to the original Black %26amp; White has now been in development for what seems like absolute aeons, and details surfacing from the game's development studio have been incredibly scarce of late.

Hoping to answer some general queries regarding its highly anticipated game, the Black %26amp; White studio has compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, and kindly answered them.

Among the details to emerge is a, not particularly assured, statement that the team is "hoping" to finish the game in 2005, suggesting that Peter Molyneux's announcement at the Game Developer's Conference - that Black %26amp; White 2 would be released in the autumn - was more than just a little optimistic.

A multiplayer option seems to be firmly on the backburner, with the team admitting that it is "focusing on finishing the single-player version... and will probably not include multiplayer", although it's hoping for an expansion or download after the game's release to rectify any omission.

And if you're worried that you're going to need to massively upgrade your PC, be reassured that the team is "aiming for the recommended specs of Black %26amp; White to be the minimum specs for Black %26amp; White 2".

Mac users should also keep their fingers crossed as the studio is currently considering a version for the often-neglected Apple machines, but this would only happen after the release of the PC title.

Other details regarding the game are mentioned, but don't expand on anything that wasn't already revealed in the that we ran almost a year ago.

Still, there're eight new shots to keep your eyes busy, one of which shows off the line-up of selectable creature deities - the cow, ape, lion and, new addition, the wolf.

Black %26amp; White 2 will be released for PC in 2005