Black Ops Cold War Outbreak trailer is Zombies like you've never seen them before

The Black Ops Cold War Outbreak trailer is here and it looks like the massive Zombies experience we've been asking for. Check out the trailer above and read on for more details about the Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Zombies mode. 

Outbreak is a massive-scale Zombies experience that takes the iconic mode and dials it up to eleven. The objective-based mode tasks squads of up to four Operators with exploring an open-world map set in the Ural Mountains. You'll need to head to specific zombie-infested zones to explore and investigate - all while absolutely shredding the undead, of course. The Ural Mountains hold the key to unlocking the true potential of Dark Aether, so naturally the baddies of Omega Group are interested as well.

When you drop into Black Ops Cold War Outbreak you'll be armed with a custom starting weapon and a Field Upgrade. You'll need to explore the designated regions and help Requiem's other division complete objectives, then successfully exfil the area - or enter rifts through the Dark Aether to try and complete more objectives. There are no set paths here, so if you're in the mood for a leisurely stroll through the Zombie-infested Motherland, that's your prerogative. Your survival, however, depends on you successfully completing a primary mission, which can be one of five investigations of experiments. The investigations are as follows:

  • Defend - Claim a fully intact sample of Dark Aether, place it in a device to study, then defend that machine while it works on the data.
  • Escort  - Escort a rover transporting a captured specimen of Dark Ether to a dimensional portal in the outbreak zone. 
  • Retrieve - Find and carry two canisters of Aether to a safe zone to be extracted. 
  • Eliminate - Use a GPS tracker to find high value targets across dimensions and take them out.
  • Holdout-  Classic Zombies... you'll need to hunker down and stay alive in an area until a timer runs out.

After you successfully complete an experiment, you and your squad must move to where a beacon is marked on the map. There's no linear route, so be prepared to mow down some zombies in one of the mode's vehicles along the way. Once you activate the beacon, you'll get access to a crafting table, an arsenal, a Pack-a-Punch machine and Der Wunderfizz, which will dispense a variety of perks. Use these resources and then decide whether to exfil from the outbreak zone, or take a trip through the portal to someplace else.

There's so much more Zombies to unpack with this upcoming Black Ops Cold War Season 2, so head to the Call of Duty blog for more.

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