Black 2

Remember Black? The whole point of Black’s existence was to faithfully recreate the explosive mayhem of a Bruckheimer flick. But as stunning as it was - one of the smoothest games of the Xbox/PS2 era - it was undermined by the first wave of 360 shooters. Developers Criterion were probably aware that this would happen, judging by the short run-time of the Campaign mode (five missions) and the absence of multiplayer of any kind whatsoever. Black, in other words, was a balls-out advertisment for Black 2 - a sequel that’s still hugely under wraps.

We know it’s definitely coming because EA confirmed it in a financial report last year, but in terms of gameplay things are sketchy. We expect settings to be switched from the dull greys and browns of Black’s Eastern bloc to the show-offy lights of somewhere more deserving of the 360’s power. How about a shootout – super-complicated physics and all - in the brights lights of Vegas? Either way, spitting mortar, shattering windows, explosions, bullet holes, ear-piercing sound effects and big, big guns are all very much on the agenda. And how.