Bizarre's new racer: "Nothing is nailed down"

Oct 3, 2007

Bizarre Creations has elaborated on comments made by PGR lead designer Ged Talbot, who shares his ideas for his next racing game with us below.

A Bizarre spokesperson has stated that Talbot's ideas, which include non-city environments and ATV vehicles, were referring to "the next game he works on," rather than any one particular title.

In arecent interview, PGR 4's lead designer Talbot said that "next time" he'd like to focus more on the detail. "That's what we think; we think the devil's in the detail," he said.

"I personally believe there's a lot we can do by taking our vehicles we've already got and putting them into different, more interesting environments.

"That's what we're looking for in the next game; going to deserts - that kind of stuff. Seeing how they affect the gameplay, see if we can get Kudos working their as well. We could bring cruisers in, we could bring ATV-type bikes in."

Bizarre's spokesperson went on to say, "Of course that was his own personal opinion…so you will probably see the next game taking a different approach to what he described. We're still in the extremely early planning stages, so absolutely nothing is nailed down yet.

"We have to iterate through the design a million more times before things start coming together."

Bizarre Creations, currently working on The Club for Sega and several unannounced titles, was recently acquired by Activision.

Courtesy of CVG.