Bionic Woman 1.06 The List review

Original US airdate: 7/11/07

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Written by: Bridget Carpenter

Directed by: David Boyd


The One Where: Jaime and Tom team up to acquire a list of the names of Berkut and CIA agents, which arms dealer Victor Booth is selling. After he rumbles them at an embassy party in Paris, Tom’s captured, but Jaime saves
the day by offering Booth $8 million, then kicking his evil ass.

Verdict: Oh god, that CIA dude wasn’t just a one-off snog – he’s Jaime’s new full-time beau. Noooooooo! Tom is about as exciting as Riley. Riley creosoting a fence. And one thing this show desperately needs is more bionic action, so top move partnering Jaime with someone she can’t use her powers in front of (slaps forehead in disbelief).

With its tuxedos and foreign embassy reception, this is cut-price Bond-by-numbers – you half expect a waiter to wander in carrying a huge tray piled high with Ferrero Rocher. Dreary subplot too, in which Jaime’s little sis gets in trouble for driving without a licence. Ooh, the drama.

It’s Wossisname: Calum Keith Rennie (Victor Booth) is the fourth actor to cross over from Battlestar Galactica (he plays the Leoben Conoy-model Cylons). On this evidence, he’d make a great Bond villain.

Star Turn: Kevin Rankin (tech geek Nathan) is the real star of this show. Loving the Ween stickers on his laptop.

WTF? One: the Secret Extra-Governmental Organisation let a CIA agent inside their base. Huh? Two: when Becca gets arrested, The Head of the Secret Extra-Governmental Organisation takes care of it personally, instead of sending a flunky. Double-huh?

Richard Edwards

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