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Biker Boyz review

Seeing that The Fast And The Furious 2 was already snatched up as a title, writer/director Reggie Rock Bythewood went for Biker Boyz. It seems he went for a little of TF&TF's plot, too, judging from his film's outlaw racing scene, the heart-blipping stunts and the hundreds of honeys shaking their rumps.

Smoke (Laurence Fishburne) is the king of street racers. Kid (Derek Luke, soon to be seen playing the title role in Antwone Fisher) is eyeing his throne. It's the classic ageing-gunslinger-versus-young-buck-in-town scenario, transposed from the Wild West to LA as the two "boyz" measure their manhood in a series of street slaloms and trick-riding feats.

The stunt work is largely first-rate and Fishburne adds gravity to the helium-light story, but any interest is quickly turned into roadkill as the plot becomes increasingly silly. The film also takes an alarming wrong turn by allowing Luke's character to steal the spotlight from Fishburne's, a fatal decision that leaves Biker Boyz spluttering and out of gas, barely able to limp across the finish line.

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