Big Brain Academy

Right now, many of us at GamesRadar are testing our brains on a daily basis, thanks to Nintendo's Brain Age. Its mental tests keep your mind alert by forcing it to concentrate, read aloud and memorize different patterns. Thing is, that game's loosely based on real-world studies - Big Brain Academy takes the "make me smarter" idea and spins it for the kiddies.

Instead of 100 lightning-fast math problems, Academy focuses on goofier puzzles like matching the shapes of television sets and playing with coin currency. You're probably not going to get the same workout you would by firing up Brain Age, but hey, at least it's good for you in some respect.

Up to eight people will be able to share tests with just one card, and Academy plays up the competitive nature of the quizzes more so than Brain Age. Here, it will be all about beating the other people, not just setting a new personal best.

Academy arrives in June, barely two months after Brain Age hits. Will they both dominate American minds the way they've overthrown Japanese audiences? If a game can manage to make logic, math and analysis fun, we're gonna say anything's possible.

Brett Elston

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