Beyond's producer tells us why the game wont support PS Move

Beyond: Two Souls will not feature Move control, despite the functionality being added to Quantic Dream’s previous game, Heavy Rain. Speaking with GamesRadar at a preview event in Paris, Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Executive Producer, said:

“The thing is that we’ve done Heavy Rain and we adapted the gameplay to the Move controller. Personally I liked it very much. But on the other hand, I didn’t see a huge evolution from a positive standpoint. I think that with the DualShock we can do really everything. What we did on Heavy Rain already and what we continue to do on Beyond is really use the SIXAXIS functionality of the DualShock, which most developers don’t.”

Gesturing to illustrate a tilt action, he continued: “They use the SIXAXIS functionality of the Move controller. Kind of. So since we are using the movement features of the DualShock already, we don’t see a need to port that to Move.”

Be sure to check out our full, spoiler-free preview of Beyond: Two Souls and look out for more on the game very soon.

Justin Towell

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