Best PS4 split screen games to make - or break - friendships

19. Nex Machina

For the twin-stick shooter fans out there, Housemarque’s Nex Machina is one of the finest ever created and works a treat in local co-op. If you’re no stranger to bullet hell and a veteran of the arcades, you’ll delight in this resurgent, nostalgic experience with a friend in tow. Nex Machina offers gorgeous detail and a tantalizing score system that will have you racing again and again through its Daedalian worlds. Just try to keep a lid on the chaos before swathes of future robot overlords overwhelm you and your co-op companion. Good luck!

18. Gran Turismo Sport

If you prefer the realism factor in your racing games then PlayStation’s best option by far is the finely tuned panache of Gran Turismo Sport. If you’re the kind of person who has the patience to tweak transmission and other finicky systems in order to create the perfect lap, Gran Turismo Sport’s eye-popping realism will delight you and whoever you plop next to you on your comfy couch of choice. Even if you aren’t into realistic racing games it’s still well worth a test drive - by offering order instead of chaos it demands a different style of approach when racing, one that is weirdly satisfying and addictive.

17. Lego Marvel Collection

Traveller’s Tales’ Lego games have been delighting us for 15 years now, providing reliable, hilarious takes on popular properties ever since the first Lego Star Wars in 2005. They’ve also been championing drop-in drop-out couch co-op for the same amount of time, meaning all of the family can get in on the action with the tap of the button. The Lego Marvel Collection is no slouch in the library, offering three full games for the price of one: Lego Marvel Avengers, Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. If you’re into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is easily one of the best adaptations of the franchise (at least until we get Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers game in September.)

19. Star Wars Battlefront 2

Controversy aside, Star Wars Battlefront 2 has enjoyed a resurgence of players thanks to a constant flow of free content to the game to coincide with the new sequel movies. This means it’s well worth booting up to check out the Arcade Mode, where couch co-op players can work together or against each other, tweaking situations to recreate some of the most exciting moments in Star Wars cinematic history. If you’ve got a friend who is also a fan of the films, this is an easy win if you pick it up to flesh out your PS4 couch co-op library. 

15. Metal Slug 3

A stone-cold classic and perhaps even a hidden gem if you’ve yet to hear of SNK’s magnificent pixel shooter series, Metal Slug 3 is an incredibly fun co-op game that holds up tremendously despite the shift to modern consoles. With a ludicrous alien invasion premise, unbeatably detailed animations and satisfying arcade shooting, its difficult to get bored with Metal Slug 3 even after multiple play sessions and death-defying dances with the game’s absurd bosses. The retro score and exaggerated sound effects will no doubt be stuck in your head after a few playthroughs, as will the nightmare-inducing pixel art baddies.

14. Sonic Mania

One of the best Sonic games to arrive in recent years, Sonic Mania was created by fans, for fans and lovingly recreates the classic side-scrolling gameplay first championed on the Sega Megadrive. As well as a series of remixed levels from the original games like the iconic Green Hill and Chemical Plant Zones, you’ll enjoy brand new concoctions in couch co-op that graft in new gameplay tweaks and systems that demand a different platforming approach to what you may be used to. As well as the excellent boss battles, there are a series of exciting minigames to unlock (no spoilers here) as well as a competitive mode if you fancy yourself as a supersonic speedrunner.

13. Resident Evil 5

Everybody loves to hate on Resident Evil 5 for not being a “true Resident Evil title” but gatekeeping aside, it’s a deeply underrated co-op game. The stoic delayed shooting style that the series is known for creates constant palpable tension as you clamber through markets and shantytowns in order to discover the nexus of the infectious zombie virus. With demanding boss battles and cleverly separated sections, Resident Evil 5 is full of ludicrous surprises and despite its initial appearance, the game goes to some absurd places that you absolutely will not expect. Give it a shot!

12. Crash Team Racing

An oldie but a goodie, Crash Team Racing is unlike most kart racers in that it is abrasive to the disciples of Mario Kart due to its crushing difficulty. If you think yourself an expert in the world of cartoon racing games, make the atypical choice and try to drift to your heart’s content with Crash Bandicoot, Coco and the gang. When you’ve got a few players of relatively similar ability on the couch, Crash Team Racing is easily one of the most adrenaline-pumping and satisfying racing games around - as long as you can stay on the track...

11. Don't Starve Together

Next to titans like Minecraft, Don’t Starve Together stands tall as a unique spin on the formula, offering a top-down camera and a spooky setting that will delight pairs of players who dare venture into its untapped, grimdark world. With focus given to attributes like sanity as well as hunger, you’ll have to constantly beat against the current of evil creatures to find precious resources and construct a safe haven in the middle of a nightmare. With a deep focus on co-operation and plenty of jobs to split between partners, this co-op experience is by far one of the best on PS4.

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