Best of GR videos: GamesRadar's 24 Hour Marathon encapsulated in 2 glorious minutes

For two years now we’ve thrown health, sleep and sobriety to the wind in order to bring youGamesRadar’s 24 Hour Marathon! If you’ve missed out on the shenanigans thus far, the wholepoint of this video is to make you feel horrible about it. With the exception of StarCraft II, I sacrificed my hard drive to record everyone playing everything with me, intentionally doing the stupidest shit imaginable in Halo 3, Red Dead Redemption, Gears of War 2, BioShock 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Blur, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Modern Warfare 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Uncharted 2. Looking back on everything I’ve ever done at GR,this videomight be the thing I’m most proud of:

Cliched though it may be to call it “the most rewarding thing we do all year,” it very much IS. Outside of online, text-based well-wishes and the occasional meet up at PAX, it’s difficult to get a sense that what we’re doing has any impact. Yet, during the 24hr Marathon, we finally get the opportunity to speak to all of you guys live and in person. You’ve noticed what we’ve done, and some of you actually… like us?!

Above: Over a dozen Spartans dressed in GR orange murdering the shit out of me!

I honestly can’t convey how awesome that kind of appreciation feels, because for me it’s basically the most worthwhile compensation I get for the long hours, low pay, high stress, corporate bullshit, and the occasional havoc this gig’s wrought on my personal relationships. Not boo-hooing, just trying to express what this video symbolizes and the joy it’ll always bring me.

Above: You may've seen this in PTOM, PC Gamer or OXM. Hope you took it seriously...

To pay you guys back for that, I went through the comments, play and chat logs and tried to get the name of each and every person I played with, to personally thank them in the video above. Apparently I missed a lot of you, and for that I’m truly sorry. The lion’s share of credit for the video itself goes to Lizzie Cuevas, who (along withphotographer Angelo Ibanez,) shot all the in-office footage and edited the messtogether from hours and hours of captured footage.

Above: LET'S HEAR IT FOR LC! (And to a lesser extent, me)

OH! And before I go, I'dnever be able to forgive myself if I didn't post the singlegreatest image to ever come out of our 24 Hour Marathon:

Above: Plasma Sword, Link's shield, Headcrab, and a Reddit shirt... Yep, Tyler Wilde's completed all his credit hours at Nerd University!

Mar 3, 2011