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10 Best Fantastic Four villains of all time

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel's first family have always been more about exploration and discovery than fighting crime, but their cosmic travels have often led them to cross paths with some of Marvel's fiercest and most vicious villains. So, with that in mind, here are the best Fantastic Four villains of all time.

10. Puppet Master

(Image credit: DC Comics)

The father of Ben Grimm's on-again-off-again squeeze Alicia Masters, Puppet Master is also one of the Fantastic Four's oldest foes. In fact, Grimm's relationship with Alicia grew out of the Puppet Master's first scheme.

Using his special clay obtained from Wundagore Mountain, Puppet Master is able to control and manipulate anyone of whom he crafts an effigy. Over the years, he has proven himself to be one of the Fantastic Four's most devious foes, often pitting his most hated enemy, the Thing, against his cohorts. In fact, Thing was once even framed for Puppet Master's murder - the last thing that happened to the Fantastic Four before Secret Wars took them off the board. Poor Puppet Master remains dead.

9. Molecule Man

(Image credit: DC Comics)

Owen Reese is one of the Fantastic Four's most powerful enemies. In fact, he is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. His gift of manipulating the fundamental building blocks of creation is only hampered by an inability to affect organic matter - a limit he has often overcome.

Though Reese has often tried to reform, his unstable mental state always sends him back to his life of crime as Molecule Man. Molecule Man played a major role in the original Secret Wars - and was secretly the key to Doom's power in the 2015/16 sequel event.

Reese was last seen giving his power to help Reed Richards rebuild the Marvel multiverse.

8. Psycho-Man

(Image credit: DC Comics)

Emerging from the Microverse (a.k.a. the Quantum Realm, in MCU terms) to conquer our world, Psycho-Man wields a device that manipulates the emotions of others, as well as powerful battle armor and size-changing technology. In his first attempt at conquering the Marvel Universe, it took the combined efforts of the Fantastic Four, the Black Panther, and the Inhuman royal family to put a stop to his schemes.

Psycho-Man is also often responsible for bringing out Sue Storm's Malice persona. He was most recently fighting the Champions in the aftermath of Secret Empire.

7. Mole Man

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Mole Man is not only the first enemy of the Fantastic Four, he's the first villain of the Marvel Universe proper.

Dwelling deep in the underground kingdom of Subterranea, the enigmatic Mole Man commands legions of beings he calls Moloids, as well as hordes of terrible monsters. Mole Man was last seen aiding the heroes during Secret Empire.

6. Namor

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Since the Fantastic Four's earliest days, Namor has been one of the team's greatest allies - and one of their staunchest enemies.

One of the very first Marvel characters ever created, Namor's history is long and complicated. His association with the Fantastic Four began when Johnny Storm helped him regain his memories, but he quickly vowed vengeance against the surface world, a conflict that has often set him at odds with the Fantastic Four.

Namor also harbors a not-so-secret love of Sue Storm, which isn't Reed Richards's favorite quality in a person. 

5. Frightful Four

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Every hero has an opposite number, and the same is true of the Fantastic Four. Led by the evil super-genius known as the Wizard, the Frightful Four is a collective organized to match the FF's power with criminal equivalents.

While the original line-up consisted of Wizard, longtime Spider-Man foe Sandman, Trapster (a.k.a. Paste-Pot Pete), and a brainwashed Medusa, the roster has grown over time to include Hydro-Man, Electro, Thundra, Titania, Klaw, Absorbing Man, and even the entire Wrecking Crew.

4. Super Skrull

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The Skrull empire spans entire galaxies, encompasses countless worlds, and yet, they are obsessed with conquering Earth. And at the head of this empire, bent on seizing what their religious texts identify as their destined homeworld is Kl'rt, the Super Skrull.

Created by the Skrull Emperor to challenge the Fantastic Four, Kl'rt is blessed with all of the FF's powers, along with the natural shape-shifting power of the Skrulls, and his own gift of hypnosis. While other Super Skrulls have been created, notably in the Skrulls' attempted Secret Invasion of Earth, Kl'rt is still the champion of the Skrull empire. He was most recently seen briefly wielding the Time Stone in Infinity Countdown.

3. Annihilus

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Hailing from the Negative Zone, the hostile dimension that is home to many of the Fantastic Four's enemies, the most fearsome and vicious denizen of that hateful place is Annihilus.

The insectoid lord of the Annihilation Wave, a sweeping horde of unbridled entropy and destruction, Annihilus's evil is absolute, predicated on a hatred of all existence. Despite Johnny Storm liberating the Negative Zone from Annihilus's clutches, an attempted democratic election resulted in Annihilus seizing power once again. Annihilus was seen as a part of the galactic council during Infinity, and most recently fought the Avengers.

2. Galactus

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Galactus. The eater of worlds. The eternal hunger.

It is said that Galactus was created when Jack Kirby decided the Fantastic Four should meet God. And while Galactus is less a God than a force of nature, he is certainly imposing on a cosmic scale.

One of the Fantastic Four's most terrifying and enduring foes, Galactus is also responsible for the creation of Silver Surfer, Terrax, Nova, and many of the Fantastic Four's other prominent allies and enemies. On his own, he is a nigh-unstoppable behemoth bent on devouring the Earth's life essence. So far, only the Fantastic Four's ingenuity and fearlessness have held him back - that is, until the Ultimates used a Lifeseed to change him from world eater to Lifebringer - but the cyclical nature of comic books all but guarantees someday he'll get hungry once again.

1. Doctor Doom

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Dr. Victor Von Doom is the Fantastic Four's greatest enemy, and one of the greatest villains of the entire Marvel universe.

Possessed of an intellect said to be greater even than that of Reed Richards, Doom is hampered only by his own arrogance. In addition to his scientific prowess and and great weaponry, Doom is also one of the most skilled sorcerers in the Marvel universe, and commands the entire nation of Latveria, a country he rules with an iron fist - literally.

Though Doom has occasionally seen cause to ally with the Fantastic Four, even becoming godfather to Reed and Sue's daughter Valeria, his quest for vengeance against Reed Richards, whose success Doom blames for his own shortcomings, always brings him back to his villainous roots.

In Secret Wars, Doom seized omnipotent power and recreated all reality in his image - but he was thwarted by Reed Richards once again in the last adventure of the Fantastic Four.

Until recently, Doom was operating as the Infamous Iron Man, after believing Reed Richards dead following Secret Wars.