The 25 best Android games to download right now

14. Alphabear 

Genre: Puzzle
Price: Free (in-app purchases) 

Simple at its core, Alphabear packs a lot of pleasing attributes into a very tidy, adorable package. Letters are gradually revealed on the playfield, but each tile has a lifespan - if you don’t use it before its turn-based timer runs out, it morphs to stone and blocks your path to the really big bonuses. Play in timed mode to give your brain a quick workout, or do a big board to challenge yourself and achieve the sky-high score that will net you a rare bear. Oh, did I leave out the part where you collect immensely cute bears that give you stat buffs and bonuses? Yeah. You do that, too.

Download Alphabear here (US)
Download Alphabear here (UK) 

13. Tales from the Borderlands 

Genre: Adventure
Price: Free (in-app purchases past Episode 1)

Now that every Telltale game is available on every platform it was difficult to narrow down exactly which was the very best of the bunch but it’s impossible to argue with the delights of this fresh angle on 2K Games’ Borderlands. While there’s the standard Telltale engine in place with all the swiping and conversation remembering that comes with it, Tales from the Borderlands shines with love for the franchise with touching and hilarious writing and a genuinely engaging story. There’s even randomly generated weaponry and loot on offer to make it a true Borderlands experience. Even if you’ve never been to Pandora before, it’s definitely worth the trip.  

Download Tales from the Borderlands here (US)
Download Tales from the Borderlands here (UK) 

12. Threes!

Genre: Puzzle
Price: £2.39/$2.99 (free version available)

How can numbers be this cute? Turning the match three genre on its head, Threes! thankfully requires a little more thought than just swiping to match colours. While there’s plenty of swiping going on, only multiples of three can be manipulated as you double up threes, sixes and twenty fours against the ‘walls’ of the screen. You’ll need to think about the whole board too as one rogue swipe can transform the board into a sea of misery instead of wonderful multiples of three. And yes, there is absolutely a risk of anthropomorphising numbers after this. D’aww, look at that little six.    

Download Threes here (US)
Download Threes here (UK) 

11. Tiny Tower

Genre: Sim
Price: Free (in-app purchases)

As development studios go, Nimblebit LLC is positively dangerous when it comes to eating your time away. Pocket Planes, Pocket Trains and Tiny Tower are all perfectly pixelated sims for you to feel like a 16-bit god. The original and best, Tiny Tower sees you building apartments and all kinds of amenities and shops for your Bitizens. Bitizens all have ideal jobs where they’ll be most productive and you can even change everyone’s outfit to make sure they all match and you know where everyone is. Between that and switching the names of shops and restaurants to the best puns you can think of, Tiny Tower offers up hours of fun and doesn’t force the in-app purchases in a way that hurts.  

Download Tiny Tower here (US)
Download Tiny Tower here (UK)

10. Fallout Shelter

Genre: Sim
Price: Free (in-app purchases)

It might have had a surprise release all the way back at E3 2015 as part of the Fallout 4 reveal but Fallout Shelter has become far more than just a throwaway tie-in. Not only can you manage a vault of up to 100 dwellers, giving them jobs and keeping them topped up with food and water, you can head out into the wasteland with your best soldiers on quests. Pets, gun building, VATS, armour and skills improvement all make perfect additions to the satisfying tapping of a perfectly functioning vault. The apocalypse looks more and more attractive every day. Who needs Vitamin D anyway? 

Download Fallout Shelter here (US)
Download Fallout Shelter here (UK) 

9. Oxenfree

Genre: Adventure
Price: £3.89/$4.99

Do you like the 80s, smart-talking teenagers, and mysterious islands where alternate dimensions might be a thing? Then this atmospheric adventure will be right up your misty street as a group of teens uncover a creepy supernatural surprise when they go away for the weekend. Complete with incredible moody synth soundtrack, Oxenfree is full of brilliant dialogue, memorable characters, and plenty of different ways for the action to unfold as you explore. Will everyone get off the island the next day? That’s kind of up to you, dude.  

Download Oxenfree here (US)
Download Oxenfree here (UK) 

8. Rymdkapsel 

Genre: Space sim
Price: £2.99/$3.99

Anyone who has seen Alien knows that space exploration isn’t relaxing. Even when you aren’t having lunch with someone that’s about to explode in a shower of milk and grue, it’s not meant to be a zen experience. Then Rymdkapsel comes along and somehow even battling alien invaders is peaceful as you manage an ever growing population of tic tacs as they research imposing monoliths across the galaxy. You’ll have to grow plants, create food in the kitchen, manage weaponry and even mine resources on an ever growing space station of your own Tetris-style design while listening to a brilliantly zen electronic soundtrack. It’s time to discover the true meaning of the term ‘meditative strategy.’ 

Download Rymdkapsel here (US)
Download Rymdkapsel here (UK) 

7. 80 Days 

Genre: Adventure
Price: £3.99/$4.99

It sure does sound romantic to take a whirlwind adventure around the globe, but somebody has to actually plan all that travel, y’know. In the case of 80 Days, its you as Passepartout, valet to the massively unappreciative Phileas Fogg. Gorgeous visuals and crisp writing accompany you as you try to find the best route around the world, while keeping an eye on your finances and trying not to lose any luggage. The path you take is yours to choose, as are the experiences you’ll have along it. Fogg may be the headliner, but that doesn’t mean you cant have some adventures of your own.

Download 80 Days here (US)
Download 80 Days here (UK) 

6. Mini Metro

Genre: Puzzler
Price: £4.29/$4.99

If you’ve ever thought you could design a better underground system than Transport For London, it’s your time to put your money where your overcrowded station is. Mini Metro is a beautifully minimalistic exercise in complete godlike commuter control. Stations pop up and all you have to do is connect them to each other in a way that keeps everyone moving but of course it’s not that simple. The real life city recreations have rivers that need bridges and tunnels, trains need new carriages and stations need upgrades to become true transport hubs. Don’t worry, there’s a zen mode for when the stress gets too much. 

Download Mini Metro here (US)
Download Mini Metro here (UK)