Being Human USA 3.07 One Is Silver And The Other Pagan REVIEW

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Being Human USA 3.07 “One Is Silver And The Other Pagan” TV REVIEW

Episode 3.07
Writer: Lisa Randolph
Director: Mairzee Almas

THE ONE WHERE Sally revisits her past, and Aidan starts a new relationship.

VERDICT So, Aidan’s been poisoned by the new wolf on the block, huh? Well, it’s not difficult to predict how Aidan’s going to fare, but the show is just dangerous enough for us to be unsure as to Erin’s eventual fate, and when Aidan – in a desperate fit of self-defence – kicks Erin into a wall, hospitalising her, it’s touch and go whether she’ll survive. And let’s face it, the character was always annoying, and surely everyone has been rooting for her to die… No? Just me, then.

It’s a little annoying to see Nora automatically assume Aidan is to blame, though, without getting the facts, first. This isn’t completely in character. Writing conflict between main characters is important in any show, but manufacturing it by ignoring characters’ histories is a poor way of going about it.

Meanwhile, Sally is embracing her new-found freedom, and has gone to see her former BFF, Bridget. Remember Bridget? Shacked up with Sally’s ex, and was reasonably sensible at the time? Well, now she’s gone all comedy-sidekick – she’s dyed her hair and joined a coven. The least said about her scenes, the better – chances are this was her only returning guest spot.

And there’s a new vamp in town! Aidan visits Bubble Boy, to find Blake – a relatively young vampire, who has discovered Aidan’s supply of super-blood. She’s promised BB that once he turns 18, she’ll help him turn fangy, but she’s withdrawing too much blood, and making him weak. Aidan’s promise to him that he’ll turn him when Kenny comes of age is one that either he’ll come to regret, or one which we’ll come to forget, depending on how long this storyline plays out.

Aidan’s burgeoning romance with Cathy comes as a pleasant surprise, especially as she’s Nora’s buddy, and you just know that’s not going to end well – especially when Liam kills Erin, in order to continue to make Aidan’s life hell.

Half a star lost off the rating for this episode for the blatant – and poorly-executed – manipulation of Nora’s and Aidan’s friendship.

Bubble Boy: “She scares me.”
Aidan: “She should scare you.”

Lee Harris

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